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Whilst caring for my terminally ill father, I noticed increasing left shoulder pain and loss of movement. Mr Ahmed quickly diagnosed adhesive capsulitis and gave me the option of surgery. With good physio the movement is almost back to normal (95%). I can work unhampered and have returned to hobbies such as cycling and sailing. I am very grateful for the surgical intervention.

Juliet Wyatt

September 2015

Following a heavy fall in the street, in October 2014, I persevered with pain in my shoulder until January this year when a medical colleague recommended me to Mr Ahmed. Following the initial consultation it was confirmed that I had sustained a rotator cuff tear which Mr Ahmed could repair using keyhole surgery.The operation was a great success and following six weeks in a sling and a course of physiotherapy I have regained significant mobility in my shoulder and am able to resume work. I just cannot thank Mr Ahmed enough for his surgical expertise in repairing my shoulder,and must also give a special mention to his PA Janet for her patience and understanding.

Susan Zielinski

August 2015

Having suffered injury to my shoulder following a road traffic accident, my mobility was very poor in my right shoulder and I was in constant pain. Having been misdiagnosed at the beginning, the treatment I received caused further injury over the course of a year causing me to stop my regular exercise classes. Once I was referred to Mr. Ahmed he immediately identified the problem and explained to me the procedure and what results to expect. I had my surgery at the beginning of June. I have reached nearly full mobility, no pain and tiny scars you can hardly see. My recovery post op was very quick and the physio Jacqui has been marvelous in assisting me. I would like to thank Mr. Ahmed and his team once again for doing such a wonderful job and being so kind and professional. I really have a quality of life now, thank you

Lisa Osborne

August 2015

‘After being in extreme agony and losing most of the range of movement in my shoulder I was diagnosed with Full thickness rupture of the supraspinatus tendon, severe chronic impingement of the tendon by the acromion and the subacromial bursa. I was referred to Mr Ahmed for a consultation and he explained the operation to be carried out in a way that someone without medical knowledge could understand also giving full information about the healing process. The actual operation was very successful giving me a full range of movement again and although I am still strengthening the shoulder I am amazed at how quickly the recovery has been. Also because the operation was carried out by arthroscopic ‘key hole’ surgery I was so impressed with how neat the very small scars are – in fact you struggle to see them. I would like to thank Mr Ahmed, his team and Janet his PA for being so kind and caring and for doing such a fabulous job Thank you’.

Sue Perry

July 2015

‘I sustained an impact injury to my shoulder which caused a massive tear to my tendons. Mr Ahmed carried out a complex four hour operation and successfully repaired the tear. It is now five months since the operation and due to the severity of the tear I am still strengthening the shoulder but I have full movement. I would recommend Mr Ahmed and found him to be extremely professional and caring.’.

Daren Feld

June 2015

‘I visited Mr Ahmed having tried Physio and injections and was no longer able to play Badminton or Tennis. I was diagnosed with a tear in the shoulder cuff and underwent an operation followed by 6 weeks in a large sling. Some 6 months later I am back on the courts and winning matches. I would highly recommend Mr Ahmed, for his calm and professional manner in explaining everything both prior and after the succesful operation.’.

Ray Carrig

June 2015

I had been suffering from a very painful right shoulder ACJ joint dysfunction for over 18 months and was recommended to see Mr Ahmed by a colleague. I am pleased to say that this was the best decision I have ever made. I was dealt with promptly and treated with a high level of professionalism together with an excellent bedside manner. My arthroscopic ‘key-hole’ surgery was a complete success and I was able to make a full and steady recovery by 3 months of the operation. I have no hesitation in highly recommending him.

Dr D Rattan, General Practitioner

November 2014

I was a teenager when I suffered a shoulder dislocation while boxing. Ever since, my shoulder has come out a dozen times, and it soon became apparent that the only curable option was to undergo a stabilization procedure through keyhole surgery.

Of course, “going under the knife “is a serious matter, and so it was vital for me to find the best person for task to ensure my safety. I was extremely fortunate to find Mr. Hasan Ahmed. Now a few years after the operation, I can honestly say that having the procedure done was the best decision I’ve made. I’ve returned back to contact sports and have had no further recurrences. My shoulder feels much better and this has greatly improved my life. I would highly recommend the operation and Mr. Ahmed to anybody is a similar situation to me’.

 Aamir Ismailjee, fourth year medical student

I was referred to Mr. Ahmed Hasan with a very painful, ‘frozen shoulder’ or to use a medical term, adhesive capsulitis. His diagnosis was clear and concise, as were the options he presented to me. Having opted for arthroscopic surgery, the results have been fantastic. From day one I have significantly improved mobility in my shoulder and this has continued to improve with physiotherapy and exercise.

‘Mr. Ahmed has a wonderfully engaging style, calm and reassuring but also very specific on what he expects form you, the patient, to ensure the utmost success of the procedure. I wholeheartedly recommend him’.

 Paul R Freeman, global head of financial services, Pcubed

‘I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Hasan Ahmed for firstly diagnosing the problem with my deranged shoulder, them performing a very complicated, but highly satisfactory keyhole operation. I am delightedly to say that after physiotherapy, I am in a position to resume playing golf. I last played16 months ago. If I ever get a hole-in-one, I will dedicate it to Mr. Ahmed! Once again, many thanks for everything he has done for me’.

John Christie, Patient

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